What is Inclusion?

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Communication is part of our everyday life, and is vital for all children and families to be healthy, happy and thriving. Speech, language and social interaction skills begin to develop very early and continue throughout the child's life. An inclusive toddler/preschool program integrates special education and related services into all aspects of the daily program.

A primary purpose of the preschool experience is to develop a strong social-emotional foundation for future school engagement and quality of life. At Apparo Academy, children relate and interact with peers in play and daily routines, engaging in experiences that promote the development of attention, self-control and the understanding that others have different experiences and perspectives.

Why you should enroll your child in an Inclusive School:

  • helps children discover that all children are more alike than different
  • builds children's self-esteem
  • allows children to learn from each other
  • helps children see the strengths and abilities of each unique friend
  • increases children's opportunities to play and talk together with children of different abilities
  • creates opportunities for friendships among children
  • connects families to other families and resources in their community
  • increases families' participation in the community
  • sends a message to the community that all children are valued and welcomed

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    Studies indicate inclusive settings provide typically developing children with multiple opportunities to learn many new skills, values, and attitudes related to human differences, including learning how to be friends with people who are different from themselves and to assist classmates who may be experiencing difficulty.

    When asked to describe friendships with children with needs, typically developing peers did not identify them as different from other friendships, and talked about the fun they and their friends with disabilities had together. These attitudes and behaviors contribute to an overall positive classroom community.

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