Admission Procedures

Apparo Academy currently has a waiting list for the 2021-2022 school year.  Due to limited space in the current building, we will only be opening registration to 13 months - 5 years so that we can provide quality care to each individual child in our program. If you "register" through the link then do not pay the Registration Fee. You will be put on our waiting list through this registration process.

  • Step 1: Apply Online: Click the ‘Apply Today’ button above to submit your inquiry. If there is space in your desired classroom, you will be contacted by The Admissions Office. Once contacted, you will be required to pay the $300 Registration Fee to begin the Enrollment Process.

  • Step 2: Parent Interview and Child Observation: We are so excited that you have chosen Apparo Academy as your school of choice. The parent interview is a great time for us to get to know more about your family and your child to determine if we can meet your child's needs.  The parent interview will be held at Apparo and include discussions with Admissions and Nursing.  While you are participating in the parent interview, we will have your child in the appropriate classroom to observe how he/she interacts with peers. You must have a completed student application prior to scheduling the interview. 

  • Step 3: Admission Decision: The Admissions Office will contact you to let you know if your child has been awarded a spot at Apparo. Once the decision has been made by the team at Apparo and you as a family, then we will discuss tuition. No child is turned away from Apparo due to an inability to pay. Our primary goal is providing a place where your child can learn and grow.

  • Step 4: Financial Aid:  Financial Aid applications are not mandatory unless you need assistance with your child's monthly tuition.  Discounts and scholarships are based on income and number of  dependents in your home. You can download the Financial Aid form from the Tuition page.

  • Step 5: Complete Enrollment: If accepted, you will have several more documents, including a tuition agreement and nursing documents, to complete prior to beginning school. 

  • Step 6: Tuition: Tuition is paid monthly and due by the 25th on the month prior to receiving services. This is paid through the Kangarootime parent app you will download on your phone.

Apparo is open throughout the year with a 12-month curriculum that runs from August through the end of July. We have several weeks off during the summer that allow for family vacations. 


List of Required Documents

In order to be considered for enrollment, the following forms must be submitted. You can fill out the forms online and submit via email or print and bring to the school at your conveninence. Please only fill out the nursing forms that are appropriate for your child.

  • Registration Form (online)
  • Insurance Card(s) (upload image in online registration form)
  • Birth Certificate (upload image in online registration form)
  • Immunization Form (upload image in online registration form)
  • Parental Agreement - Form Below
  • Nursing Documents - Forms Below

Parent Agreement 2021-2022 Parent Agreement 2021-2022

Nursing Documents Nursing Documents

Apparo has a mission to make ALL children and their families ready for the next stage in life, which means providing a quality curriculum to typically developing children and children with educational and medical challenges.  Eligible children who can benefit from our comprehensive services will be enrolled in the program if space in the appropriate classroom is available.  If the program that matches the child’s needs is at full capacity, the child will be put on a waiting list and notified when a vacancy occurs. We enroll students year round.